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Product Review: Karma Organics Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Lavender


Oh my goodness, I love this product! It works well, and it doesn’t smell like anything other than lavender, which is a wonderful, calming scent! It contains the following ingredients: Propylene Carbonate, Soybean oil methyl exter, tocopheryl acetate. I wouldn’t want to drink it, but it appears somewhat “safer” than traditional nail polish remover.

Let me back up. I’ve been on the hunt for a more natural approach to nail polish remover that works. I first tried CVS’s biodegradable nail polish remover, but it took forever to remove polish, smelled awfully strong, and left my nail beds sore. so I started searching for something that works, smelled better, and contains somewhat more body-friendly ingredients than typical nail polish remover.

A simple internet search led me to Karma Naturals’ product, which I had spotted in my local health food store. It carries with it a hefty price tag for nail polish remover – $11.99, but ultimately, I justified the purchase to myself knowing that if it didn’t work I could return it.

I used it to remove four coats of polish (base coat, top coat, two coats of China Glaze’s Hey Sailor!), and it works! It’s also vegankosher, and halal. Here are some additional positives about the product:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Non-toxic AND non-carcinogenic
  • No petroleum ingredients
  • Packaged in glass bottles that are recyclable

Ultimately, I love this product! It took a little longer to remove the polish than does traditional acetone nail polish, but not enough to dissuade me from using the product. Also, according to one amazon.com review, swipe the polish remover across each nail to allow the remover a few moments to start working before you begin removing it with a felt square or cotton ball. I haven’t tried to remove glitter polish, so I’ll be sure to update this review once I have.

Having such a successful experience with their remover, I’m excited to try Karma Organics/Karma Naturals nail polish. Have you tried their product? What did you think?