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Confetti Nail Polish Swatches – Confetti Pink Paradise Swatch, Confetti First Kiss Swatch, Confetti Fashionista Swatch, Confetti The Red Carpet Swatch

I recently did a bunch of Confetti nail polish swatches and was pleased with all of the colors. It’s rare for me to swatch an entire collection without returning some afterward, so when I popped into CVS with a 25% off coupon, I decided to grab a few more. Confetti is a 3 free nail polish that retails for $1.99 and sold exclusively by CVS. According to the Confetti website, the line includes 48 colors.

From left to right: Pink Paradise, First Kiss, Fashionista, The Red Carpet

Unfortunately, I will be returning all of these polishes for reasons described below. First, Pink Paradise – a very sheer, milky pale pink – was just too sheer to create a buildable coverage. It was also terribly milky and left streaks, despite the fact I applied two coats.

Next is First Kiss. In the bottle, it looks like an amazing, bright hot pink. On the nail, it looks like pepto bismol, complete with the chalky finish and everything. The formula was terrible, and as you can see in the swatch photos, it was gloopy, bumpy, and horrible on the nail. (I didn’t want to post these pictures, but I guess reviewing polishes includes posting swatch photos of the bad and ugly.)

I’m somewhat torn about Fashionista, described as a juicy berry pink. The color is beautiful, but the formula was a little thin and watery. I also think I have many other colors like it in my collection, such as Confetti’s Not My Mother’s PinkSpoiled’s Tip Your Waitress, or Pretty in Punk.

Lastly is The Red Carpet, a true, bright red polish. I love red nail polishes, but I hated the formula. It was another thin and watery formula that was hard to work with and looked sloppy on the nail. Bleh!

What I think is interesting is that I sort of forced these additional Confetti polishes onto myself based on the fact that they’re $1.99 and the formula was pretty good according to the first batch of swatches I did. But I will be returning these. What was the last polish you returned? Why did you return it?


Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled I Tripped on the Red Carpet Swatch

Like I said in the last post, I love a good red nail polish and simply can’t pass ’em up. For review is Spoiled’s I Tripped on the Red Carpet, a beautiful vibrant red with shimmerSpoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99, and there are 72 polishes in the collection.

The shimmer was very hard to capture in the bottle or on the nail, but it’s there and only enriches the beauty of this polish.

This red was such a delight to apply, and it would be perfect for a pin-up or patriotic look, just like so many of the reds in my stash.  What’s your must-have, can’t-pass-it-up color?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled Hit the Brakes Swatch

In addition to loving a good neon pink, I love reds. I receive the most compliments whenever I wear a red article of clothing, and whenever I wear red nail polish, I can’t stop staring at my nails. I think it must be a winning combination with my skin tone!

Up to review is Spoiled’s Hit the Brakes, an absolutely gorgeous true red jelly polishSpoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99, and there are 72 polishes in the collection.

The formula was pretty messy and gloopy, but application could have been complicated by a messy brush. I highly recommend a good base coat with this polish, as it will stain your nails if you skip the base.

Based on the color alone, I think this is a hit, but unfortunately, the formula was a little hard to work with. I might try to add a thinner to the formula and swap out the brush. Of course, that’s a lot of extra steps for a $2 polish. I’ll report back after I do because I just hate to give up on a good red! What’s your favorite color that compliments your skin tone? Are there any colors you just can’t pull off but wish you could?