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Sinful Color Nail Polish Swatch – Sinful Colors Boom Boom Swatch

Oh my goodness! I didn’t understand the hype of jellies until I used Sinful Colors’ Boom Boom when doing my Le Tigre inspired manicure. Boom Boom an absolutely gorgeous raspberry pink jelly. Sinful Colors is a line of 3 free nail polishes carried at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other stores (but not CVS.) The polishes usually retail for $1.99, though they go on sale every once in a while for 99 cents.

This is one of my favorite pinks in my collection. It went on smoothly, required only two coats, and had that lovely squishy depth characteristic of jellies.

Boom Boom works so well with Sticks ‘n Stones. Do you have any recommendations for pairing this jelly? I’m excited to try a PB&J manicure, but I’m not sure which glitter to use. What other jellies do you think are must-haves?”


Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Swatch – Nicole by OPI Love Your Life Swatch

I was overcome with cuteness when I picked up this nail polish at CVS. I immediately envisioned a Valentine’s Day manicure, even though I think the holiday is preposterous and problematic. Or maybe I envisioned a self-love manicure. Basically, I was overwhelmed by the hearts and needed to add Nicole by OPI’s Love Your Life to my collection. Love Your Life is a pale pink jelly base with heart-shaped and iridescent glitter. It retails for between $8 and 9 dollars, but some are saying that it’s inappropriate for adult women! I beg to differ!

I decided to pair the glitter with Sinful Color’s Feeling Great, a beautiful bright fuchsia cream polish.

The glitter wasn’t difficult to place, but it did require some fishing around to get the hearts onto the brush. This might make it more difficult as I use the polish, but we’ll see.

Do you like polishes with shaped glitter? Do you think this polish is too young for adult women?

Confetti Nail Polish Swatch – Confetti Pink Confetti Swatch

Glitter polishes are pretty popular these days, so when I saw Confetti‘s Pink Confetti polish, a pink jelly base with holographic glitter, I decided to try it. Confetti is a 3 free nail polish that retails for $1.99 and sold exclusively by CVS. According to the Confetti website, the line includes 48 colors.

This polish has tons of sparkle, but I think it would be impossible to get anywhere  near opaque coverage. I do, however, think this would be great for layering.

Look at that sparkle!

I think this would be great for layering, so I am now on the hunt for a perfect soft pink creme. What’s your favorite baby pink creme? What other colors would you try layering with this color?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled Checkin’ into Rehab Swatch

I really do love purple, but there’s just something about purple nail polishes from the Spoiled line that seem to be misses for me. Spoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99.

Here we have Spoiled‘s Checkin’ into Rehab, a bright violet jelly with coppery microglitter. The glitter was very hard to capture because the violet is so dark and saturated, but if you enlarge the images below, you’ll be able to see the glitter better.

This formula is another miss for me. Even though I applied two even-handed coats, I had a hard time creating an even finish on the nail. Also, the formula almost dried too quickly, as  you can see from the nail polish ridging near my cuticles. And it’s just so sloppy looking! I almost didn’t want to post the swatches!

Sad to say it, but I will be returning this polish to CVS. I just don’t see myself ever using it. I will say, though, that the photos taken are pretty color accurate, though the polish may be slightly more purple in person. Do you have a hard time capturing purples?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches – Spoiled My Saturn Broke Down Swatch, Spoiled Show Me the Money Swatch, Spoiled Use Protection Swatch

It seems like glitter nail polishes are all the rage right now, so when I saw Spoiled’s reasonably-priced at $1.99 glitter offerings, I decided to grab a few. Spoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy.

From index finger to pinky: My Saturn Broke Down (2 coats), Use Protection (2 coats), Show Me the Money (2 coats), Show Me the Money (1 coat)

My Saturn Broke Down
is a periwinkle jelly with multi-sized holographic and opalescent glitter and micro-glitter.

Use Protection
is quite striking in the bottle. It reminds me of sparkly mermaids. It’s best described as rainbow, multi-sized glitter suspended in a sheer teal jelly base. Unfortunately, I think it might be prettier in the bottle than on the nail, but I would like to try and layer it over white to see if I can get the glitter to pop. What would you suggest?

Last but not least is Show Me the Money, the beautiful surprise in this collection. It’s a clear polish packed with small green hexagon glitter and green and gold smaller glitters.

I was on the fence about whether to buy this, but considering CVS’s return policy, I figured what’s the harm in trying it. I’m so glad I bought it – the polish is beautiful! There are two coats on my third finger and one coat on my pinky.

I can’t wait to layer this over a nice sheer white color or perhaps a light yellow. Which color would you suggest layering it over? Have you ever had lovely surprise where a polish looked better on than in the bottle?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled I Gotta Confection to Make Swatch

For review is Spoiled’s I Gotta Confection to Make, a very sheer, light pink jelly with opalescent and holographic large and micro-glitter. Spoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99, and there are 72 polishes in the collection.

The jelly looks much more vibrant in the bottle than it does on the nail. I assume that you’d have to paint your nails with 5+ coats in order to achieve that vibrancy. I decided to do two coats, as I’m much too impatient to allow 5 coats to dry. While you would sacrifice some of the depths of the jelly look, this polish would be great for layering.

Click the photos to enlarge detail of glitter.

Some of Spoiled’s colors look very similar to those offered by Sinful Colors and Confetti. For instance, Spoiled’s I Gotta Confection to Make looks very much like Sinful Colors Pinkie Glitter (reviewed by kittypolishnbags) or Confetti’s Pink Confetti, which I’ll swatch in a later review. Have you noticed any eerily similar colors between the drugstore lines? What about between higher end nail polishes and cheaper alternatives?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled Hit the Brakes Swatch

In addition to loving a good neon pink, I love reds. I receive the most compliments whenever I wear a red article of clothing, and whenever I wear red nail polish, I can’t stop staring at my nails. I think it must be a winning combination with my skin tone!

Up to review is Spoiled’s Hit the Brakes, an absolutely gorgeous true red jelly polishSpoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99, and there are 72 polishes in the collection.

The formula was pretty messy and gloopy, but application could have been complicated by a messy brush. I highly recommend a good base coat with this polish, as it will stain your nails if you skip the base.

Based on the color alone, I think this is a hit, but unfortunately, the formula was a little hard to work with. I might try to add a thinner to the formula and swap out the brush. Of course, that’s a lot of extra steps for a $2 polish. I’ll report back after I do because I just hate to give up on a good red! What’s your favorite color that compliments your skin tone? Are there any colors you just can’t pull off but wish you could?