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Julep Maven: Month 1 – Julep Eva Swatch, Julep Sienna Swatch

I recently signed up to become a Julep Maven because they had a special where it was just 1 penny for the first month and $19.99 for every month thereafter (I used coupon code “PENNY”.) I started by taking the Julep Maven Quiz, and my results deemed me a Bombshell. Two days after signing up, I received my shipping notification, and less than a week after I signed up, my package arrived.

First, the packaging:

The box included a small reusable bag, Julep’s The Best Pedi Creme Ever, Julep Sienna nail polish, and Julep Eva nail polish. The Pedi Creme went on well and smell nicely, but I haven’t yet tried in on my feet. For folks who are interested in the ingredients list, I included a picture of it below.

Now, let’s be real. I only signed up for the nail polish, so on to the swatches. Julep’s Eva is a raspberry creme polish that is quite similar to Confetti’s Not My Mother’s Pink, but I wouldn’t call it a dupe.

The formula is absolutely divine, and it dried quickly as well. More importantly, it reached opacity in two coats. I sort of see what the fuss is about with expensive polishes, but I don’t think that’ll dissuade me from purchasing and swatching more accessible drugstore brands.

Also included in this month’s Bombshell was Julep’s Sienna, a beautiful gold foil. I don’t know what the right term is, but I would say that the gold is more silvery than it is brassy or yellowy. It’s so, so beautiful, and I typically don’t care for foils!

I also used two coats for this polish and really like the color, despite my previous aversion to foils.

After seeing these two colors combined, I’m sure that I’m going to do an Effie Trinket inspired manicure using these two colors. Are you a Julep Maven? If so, are you happy with the service and selection?

If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven, please click this link here. Don’t forget to try the “PENNY” code to see if you, too, can get one month free! Plus, if two folks sign up using the above link, I get a month free!


Sinful Color Nail Polish Swatch – Sinful Colors Citrine Swatch

I picked up Sinful Colors’ Citrine, a red-based orange creme, on sale at Rite Aid for 99 cents. Sinful Colors is a line of 3 free nail polishes carried at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other department stores. The polishes usually retail for $1.99, though they go on sale every once in a while for 99 cents. I believe that Citrine is a Rite Aid exclusive.

The black speck on my pinky finger is from the brush, which is disappointing. Also, the formula was a little thin, so it dried unevenly. And while my camera is picking up a lot of red from the orange, I think Citrine would make a great nail polish for Halloween-inspired manicures.

I absolutely love the color of this polish, and I think red-based orange works well with my skin tone, whereas I don’t think I could pull off something that was more yellow based. Do you have any favorite orange polishes?

Orly Gumdrop Nail Polish Swatch

Orly’s Gumdrop is a green-leaning minty blue creme polish, very similar to Wet ‘n Wild’s I Need a Refresh-Mint. I’ve posted a swatch comparing the two, which can be found here!

The formula on Gumdrop is thin and pretty easy to apply. I used two coats for these photos and there was no VNL.

If you are searching for a perfect Tiffany blue, this is just about perfect, though the very slight green lean might make I Need a Refresh-Mint a better option. Do you own this color? Are you a minty green/minty blue fan? What are some of your favorite manicures using these colors?

Wet ‘n Wild Nail Megalast Polish Swatch – Wet ‘n Wild On a Trip Swatch

In light of the CVS sale (Buy 1, Get 1 50% off) on Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics this week, I thought it would be a good idea to swatch my two favorite Megalast polishes, one of which is On a Trip, a blue-leaning lilac purple creme.

Like I said in my review of I Need a Refresh-Mint, I really like the brushes included with these polishes. They are wide, but I find they work well for painting near the cuticle.

The formula is well-pigmented and only requires two coats to reach opacity. It’s also amazing what my camera picks up – I had used my thumb nail for clean up, and fingers looked clean to my naked eye. I used my Essie Good to Go topcoat, which sets and dries polish very quickly, and it didn’t take long to dry this polish.

Do you own any of these polishes? Which are your favorite wet ‘n wild polishes?

Wet ‘n Wild Nail Megalast Polish Swatch – Wet ‘n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint Swatch

In light of the CVS sale (Buy 1, Get 1 50% off) on Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics this week, I thought it would be a good idea to swatch my two favorite Megalast polishes, one of which is I Need a Refresh-Mint, a Tiffany, minty blue with a creme finish.

I know a lot of people dislike the new wet ‘n wild pro brush, but I quite like them. It’s easy to paint the nail in 2 or so strokes. I also love the formula of these polishes. They’re very pigmented, and I Need a Refresh-Mint is no exception. The formula was smooth and opaque in two coats (as shown here.)

I also hate to admit it, but after using this polish, I returned Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos – the formula is just too thin and unforgiving. For $2, I Need a Refresh-Mint is a better value, in my opinion. Additionally, this color is very similar to Orly’s Gumdrop (be on the lookout for a dupe swatch post soon!), but Gumdrop leans more green whereas I Need a Refresh-Mint leans blue.

What are your favorite Wet ‘n Wild polishes that you suggest folks pick up while they’re on sale?

Confetti Nail Polish Swatches – Confetti Pink Paradise Swatch, Confetti First Kiss Swatch, Confetti Fashionista Swatch, Confetti The Red Carpet Swatch

I recently did a bunch of Confetti nail polish swatches and was pleased with all of the colors. It’s rare for me to swatch an entire collection without returning some afterward, so when I popped into CVS with a 25% off coupon, I decided to grab a few more. Confetti is a 3 free nail polish that retails for $1.99 and sold exclusively by CVS. According to the Confetti website, the line includes 48 colors.

From left to right: Pink Paradise, First Kiss, Fashionista, The Red Carpet

Unfortunately, I will be returning all of these polishes for reasons described below. First, Pink Paradise – a very sheer, milky pale pink – was just too sheer to create a buildable coverage. It was also terribly milky and left streaks, despite the fact I applied two coats.

Next is First Kiss. In the bottle, it looks like an amazing, bright hot pink. On the nail, it looks like pepto bismol, complete with the chalky finish and everything. The formula was terrible, and as you can see in the swatch photos, it was gloopy, bumpy, and horrible on the nail. (I didn’t want to post these pictures, but I guess reviewing polishes includes posting swatch photos of the bad and ugly.)

I’m somewhat torn about Fashionista, described as a juicy berry pink. The color is beautiful, but the formula was a little thin and watery. I also think I have many other colors like it in my collection, such as Confetti’s Not My Mother’s PinkSpoiled’s Tip Your Waitress, or Pretty in Punk.

Lastly is The Red Carpet, a true, bright red polish. I love red nail polishes, but I hated the formula. It was another thin and watery formula that was hard to work with and looked sloppy on the nail. Bleh!

What I think is interesting is that I sort of forced these additional Confetti polishes onto myself based on the fact that they’re $1.99 and the formula was pretty good according to the first batch of swatches I did. But I will be returning these. What was the last polish you returned? Why did you return it?

Confetti Nail Polish Swatch – Confetti Not My Mother’s Pink Swatch

Oh, I just can’t say no to hot pink nail polish. Not My Mother’s Pink is a hot pink creme nail polish from Confetti, a 3 free nail polish that retails for $1.99 and sold exclusively by CVS. According to the Confetti website, the line includes 48 colors.

I can usually tell how much I like a nail polish by how many pictures I took, and I took a lot this time around. I widdled down the pictures to a select few for the blog, but I did have to fight the urge to go paint my nails with this color! I used 2 coats for the pictures below.

This color is so pretty! It’s not as bright as a neon, but is still quite bright. It reminds me a lot of Spoiled‘s Pretty in Punk, so I definitely want to do a side-by-side comparison to see if they’re a dupe of each other! What are your favorite bright pinks or pink nail polishes?