My Stash

Interested in what I have in my collection? Here’s a link to the google doc of my stash! 

Bonus? I can access this via my smartphone while I’m at the store to avoid buying duplicates of the same polish!

Because storage is always an issue when living in a small, urban apartment. I currently find it best to store my stash in one of these Snap ‘n Stack containers:


My collection doesn’t fill this up entirely, but I have most of my favorite polishes on the top row and my lesser favorites on the bottom along with some supplies (cotton balls, cotton swaps, toe separaters, remover, etc.) Large amounts of polish become heavy, so I place my hand underneath to support the weight of my collection while holding it by the handle.  Also, I keep this on my set of desk drawers to remind me that when I finish such and such assignment, I can paint my nails or do some swatching.



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