About whodoesyrnails?

Hey, whodoesyrnails! Who are you?
I’m a twenty-something cisgendered femme grad student living on the east coast.

Why did you start this blog?
In realizing that I don’t take enough time to practice self-care, I decided to start a nail polish review blog, which will allow me the space to slow down, paint my nails, and express my femme self. Coincidentally, the same week I started the blog, I bought a DSLR camera and purchased indie nail polishes.

What does “whodoesyrnails” mean?
In short, it’s inspired by the line, “Who does yr hair?” in the Le Tigre song “Deceptacon.” The long version involves my decision not to get professional manicures.

What’s wrong with professional manicures?
Well, it’s a difficult question to answer without sounding high and mighty, but I’ll try my best. I don’t visit nail salons because folks who work there are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals that can compromise their health. Oftentimes states lack protections for these individuals, and because some nail salon workers are undocumented, they are further marginalized and exposed. What’s needed is FDA regulation of nail products and chemicals used in nail salons and increasing the protections of nail salon workers. Ultimately, it’s easier for me not to patronize nail salons, thereby avoiding the exploitation of a marginalized group of people. Yes, these folks have jobs by working in nail salons, but I can’t overlook the variety of other issues, as well as the economic and class privilege involved in paying someone to do something that I am able to do myself.

What’s femme flagging?
Femme flagging is a color-coded LGBTQQI communicative and identification system, specifically for queer femmes, as a way of identifying each other in public spaces using nail polish. Pretty cool, right?! For more info, check out the femme flagging tumblr and wiki pages.

Yeah, but why do you femme flag?
Well, for one, I identify as a big, fat femme wanna-be mermaid. Additionally, flagging is a way to assert my queerness in a creative, semi-secretive way. It’s like a glittery secret queer handshake. What’s not to love about that?


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