Photo Equipment

I live in a basement apartment so I don’t have much natural light with which to take photos. I also tend to blog late at night, so a happy medium I’ve found is to use a full spectrum bright photography light bulb and a light box. The problem? I can’t seem to keep my cats from shredding the tissue paper in my light box, so I tend to do massive amounts of swatches all in a row. Otherwise, I’d be replacing the tissue paper every other day to take more photos! Also, I’m slightly obsessive, so I tend to swatch my entire collection at once, which is why earlier posts feature all Spoiled polishes.

Light box: I followed a DIY approach and used items I had laying around the house to follow the Chalkboard Nails tutorial. I only had to buy poster board, and I use white and black depending on which creates the better color accuracy.

Light bulb: In order to a higher level of get color accuracy, I use a daylight balanced, full spectrum light bulb. If you’re interested in the exact bulb, I use this one. (Thanks, Amazon Prime!) I bought a cheap $9 lamp at a nearby department store and set it on top of the box my light bulb was shipped in to ensure there was overhead lighting for my light box.

Camera: With regard to cameras, I use a Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR camera that I bought used on craigslist. I use an 18-55mm lens on the macro setting and snap away while trying to make sure that I’ve “found the light.” As you can see, I’m still practicing!


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