Purchase: Portable light box!

I recently purchased a portable light box because my beloved cat kept shredding the tissue paper on my DIY light box. I haven’t yet used the LimoStudio light box, but I’m very excited to see how the product works. Particularly, I’m interested in the color correct-ness of the lights and how well the fabric on the light box diffuses light.
I ordered the light kit from Amazon.com for a little more than $30, which included shipping because I’m an amazon prime member. Included in the kit are two lights, a rather sturdy tripod, three backgrounds (red, blue, white, and black), and the light box itself, which is attached to the carrying case.

I’m pleased with the ease and quality of the light box. Set up was simple, thanks to the helpful and brief instructions. Storage is a major concern in our apartment because my partner and I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment with limited closet space. The light box is less than 5 inches thick when stored, so I can easily store it in the space between my desk and filing cabinet. The three pockets on the front store the lights and the tripod, and the backgrounds can be stored in the space that stores the light box.

As soon as I take some pictures using the lightbox, I’ll be sure to update the review!


2 responses to “Purchase: Portable light box!

  1. Nice… I’ve been wanting a light box to take photographs of fountain pens and can’t deside whether to go DIY or something like this. Unfortunately my extreme poverty may decide for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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