Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch – Spoiled Checkin’ into Rehab Swatch

I really do love purple, but there’s just something about purple nail polishes from the Spoiled line that seem to be misses for me. Spoiled is a line of 3 free nail polishes made by Wet ‘n Wild exclusively for CVS Pharmacy. The polishes retail for $1.99.

Here we have Spoiled‘s Checkin’ into Rehab, a bright violet jelly with coppery microglitter. The glitter was very hard to capture because the violet is so dark and saturated, but if you enlarge the images below, you’ll be able to see the glitter better.

This formula is another miss for me. Even though I applied two even-handed coats, I had a hard time creating an even finish on the nail. Also, the formula almost dried too quickly, as  you can see from the nail polish ridging near my cuticles. And it’s just so sloppy looking! I almost didn’t want to post the swatches!

Sad to say it, but I will be returning this polish to CVS. I just don’t see myself ever using it. I will say, though, that the photos taken are pretty color accurate, though the polish may be slightly more purple in person. Do you have a hard time capturing purples?


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