Jeez, lady. Where’ve ya been?

My sincerest apologies for my lack of updates around here. School remained hectic, I changed jobs, underwent a surgery, and experienced some personal issues. I also continued to grow my business and coordinated to have water damage in my apartment fixed, which it still hasn’t been corrected to this day. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. Trust me though, that I have sincerely missed the outlet of swatching and blogging, so I’m hoping to reassess my schedule next semester to create at least two hours per week that I can dedicate to this little hobby of mine.

To celebrate finishing 2 of my 5 finals, I spent some time swatching and taking photos on Thursday, so keep an eye out for my swatches which will include some of China Glaze’s Cirque du Soleil Collection and Ninja Polish’s 2012 Holiday Collection.

Also, check out to updates to my stash here: whodoesyrnails stash log If you see anything on the sheet that you’d like me to swatch, please let me know!

See you soon!


Sinful Color Nail Polish Swatch – Sinful Colors Boom Boom Swatch

Oh my goodness! I didn’t understand the hype of jellies until I used Sinful Colors’ Boom Boom when doing my Le Tigre inspired manicure. Boom Boom an absolutely gorgeous raspberry pink jelly. Sinful Colors is a line of 3 free nail polishes carried at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other stores (but not CVS.) The polishes usually retail for $1.99, though they go on sale every once in a while for 99 cents.

This is one of my favorite pinks in my collection. It went on smoothly, required only two coats, and had that lovely squishy depth characteristic of jellies.

Boom Boom works so well with Sticks ‘n Stones. Do you have any recommendations for pairing this jelly? I’m excited to try a PB&J manicure, but I’m not sure which glitter to use. What other jellies do you think are must-haves?”

Sinful Color Nail Polish Swatch – Sinful Colors Bikini Swatch

Sorry for the silence around here – I was on a road trip! Now that school has started, I want to make sure that I continue to swatch & blog since I so much enjoy having this outlet.

I recently picked up Sinful Colors’ Bikini, a glowing, near neon pink with lots of shimmer. Sinful Colors is a line of 3 free nail polishes carried at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other stores (but not CVS.) The polishes usually retail for $1.99, though they go on sale every once in a while for 99 cents.

Bikini is close to Daredevil, but it dries a little less flat than Daredevil does. I’ll be sure to post a comparison swatch soon so that you can compare the two colors, also.

Do you have this color? What are some of your favorite pinks?

Julep Maven: Month 1 – Julep Eva Swatch, Julep Sienna Swatch

I recently signed up to become a Julep Maven because they had a special where it was just 1 penny for the first month and $19.99 for every month thereafter (I used coupon code “PENNY”.) I started by taking the Julep Maven Quiz, and my results deemed me a Bombshell. Two days after signing up, I received my shipping notification, and less than a week after I signed up, my package arrived.

First, the packaging:

The box included a small reusable bag, Julep’s The Best Pedi Creme Ever, Julep Sienna nail polish, and Julep Eva nail polish. The Pedi Creme went on well and smell nicely, but I haven’t yet tried in on my feet. For folks who are interested in the ingredients list, I included a picture of it below.

Now, let’s be real. I only signed up for the nail polish, so on to the swatches. Julep’s Eva is a raspberry creme polish that is quite similar to Confetti’s Not My Mother’s Pink, but I wouldn’t call it a dupe.

The formula is absolutely divine, and it dried quickly as well. More importantly, it reached opacity in two coats. I sort of see what the fuss is about with expensive polishes, but I don’t think that’ll dissuade me from purchasing and swatching more accessible drugstore brands.

Also included in this month’s Bombshell was Julep’s Sienna, a beautiful gold foil. I don’t know what the right term is, but I would say that the gold is more silvery than it is brassy or yellowy. It’s so, so beautiful, and I typically don’t care for foils!

I also used two coats for this polish and really like the color, despite my previous aversion to foils.

After seeing these two colors combined, I’m sure that I’m going to do an Effie Trinket inspired manicure using these two colors. Are you a Julep Maven? If so, are you happy with the service and selection?

If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven, please click this link here. Don’t forget to try the “PENNY” code to see if you, too, can get one month free! Plus, if two folks sign up using the above link, I get a month free!

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Swatch – Nicole by OPI Love Your Life Swatch

I was overcome with cuteness when I picked up this nail polish at CVS. I immediately envisioned a Valentine’s Day manicure, even though I think the holiday is preposterous and problematic. Or maybe I envisioned a self-love manicure. Basically, I was overwhelmed by the hearts and needed to add Nicole by OPI’s Love Your Life to my collection. Love Your Life is a pale pink jelly base with heart-shaped and iridescent glitter. It retails for between $8 and 9 dollars, but some are saying that it’s inappropriate for adult women! I beg to differ!

I decided to pair the glitter with Sinful Color’s Feeling Great, a beautiful bright fuchsia cream polish.

The glitter wasn’t difficult to place, but it did require some fishing around to get the hearts onto the brush. This might make it more difficult as I use the polish, but we’ll see.

Do you like polishes with shaped glitter? Do you think this polish is too young for adult women?

Purchase: Portable light box!

I recently purchased a portable light box because my beloved cat kept shredding the tissue paper on my DIY light box. I haven’t yet used the LimoStudio light box, but I’m very excited to see how the product works. Particularly, I’m interested in the color correct-ness of the lights and how well the fabric on the light box diffuses light.
I ordered the light kit from for a little more than $30, which included shipping because I’m an amazon prime member. Included in the kit are two lights, a rather sturdy tripod, three backgrounds (red, blue, white, and black), and the light box itself, which is attached to the carrying case.

I’m pleased with the ease and quality of the light box. Set up was simple, thanks to the helpful and brief instructions. Storage is a major concern in our apartment because my partner and I live in a small 1-bedroom apartment with limited closet space. The light box is less than 5 inches thick when stored, so I can easily store it in the space between my desk and filing cabinet. The three pockets on the front store the lights and the tripod, and the backgrounds can be stored in the space that stores the light box.

As soon as I take some pictures using the lightbox, I’ll be sure to update the review!

Sinful Color Nail Polish Swatch – Sinful Colors Citrine Swatch

I picked up Sinful Colors’ Citrine, a red-based orange creme, on sale at Rite Aid for 99 cents. Sinful Colors is a line of 3 free nail polishes carried at Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, and other department stores. The polishes usually retail for $1.99, though they go on sale every once in a while for 99 cents. I believe that Citrine is a Rite Aid exclusive.

The black speck on my pinky finger is from the brush, which is disappointing. Also, the formula was a little thin, so it dried unevenly. And while my camera is picking up a lot of red from the orange, I think Citrine would make a great nail polish for Halloween-inspired manicures.

I absolutely love the color of this polish, and I think red-based orange works well with my skin tone, whereas I don’t think I could pull off something that was more yellow based. Do you have any favorite orange polishes?